011: How to do Local SEO

011 How To Do Local SEO

What is Local SEO? Why should you care? Jenn and Barb dive into how it can help your business get in front of the right people.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Simple ways to get started with Local SEO.
  • Where to list your business.
  • Why your Facebook page is making Jennifer crazy.
  • How reviews impact your SEO.

Quick Links:

Photograph Like a Thief – http://a.co/d2rcTOS

The Steal Like an Artist Journal – http://a.co/1TehsE8

Google My Business – https://www.google.com/business

Bing Places for Business – https://www.bingplaces.com

Yahoo Business Listings – https://localmarketinginstitute.com/yahoo-free-business-listing

Apple Maps – https://mapsconnect.apple.com

Yext (manages your listings for you) – https://www.yext.com

Moz Local (manages your listings for you) – https://moz.com/products/local

Hyperlocal Example 1 – https://www.tayloredphotomemories.com/best-las-vegas-photo-shoot-locations

Hyperlocal Example 2 – https://www.tayloredphotomemories.com/las-vegas-murals-guide

Schema Plugin (free) – https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-seo-structured-data-schema

Schema Plugin (paid) – https://wpschema.com


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