014 Listeners Submit Their Sites For Critiquing Part II

014: Listeners Submit Their Sites for Critiquing – Part II

This episode wraps up the website reviews from last week! Enjoy :)
013 Listeners Submit Their Websites For Critiquing Part 1

013: Listeners Submit Their Sites for Critiquing – Part I

Sometimes you need another set of eyes on your site. Today we're reviewing ten sites that listeners submitted. This episode is pretty long (we got a little carried away... ha), so grab a cup of coffee or a beer!
011 How To Do Local SEO

011: How to do Local SEO

What is Local SEO? Why should you care? Jenn and Barb dive into how it can help your business get in front of the right people.
010 What Keywords Should I Use For My Website

010: What keywords should I use for my website?

Today we're covering how to find keywords to you use on your website.
009 Improving Client Management With Dubsado

009: Improving Client Management with Dubsado

Dubsado is a CRM that can help you run your business efficiently, making you look like a rockstar! Barb and Jenn both use Dubsado and are breaking down how it can work for you!
Caffeinated Happiness

007: Caffeinated Happiness

Today Jenn is gonna spread some Caffeinated Happiness! She runs across so many apps and solutions in her business and periodically pulls together a few to share.
Marketing Ideas For All Types Of Businesses

006: Marketing Ideas for All Types of Businesses

Today we're talking about some of our favorite marketing ideas that are simple and that you can begin on today! Yeah... TODAY!