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014 Listeners Submit Their Sites For Critiquing Part II

Jul 5 2018

014: Listeners Submit Their Sites for Critiquing – Part II

This episode wraps up the website reviews from last week! Enjoy :)
013 Listeners Submit Their Websites For Critiquing Part 1

Jun 28 2018

013: Listeners Submit Their Sites for Critiquing – Part I

Sometimes you need another set of eyes on your site. Today we're reviewing ten sites that listeners submitted. This episode is pretty long (we got a little carried away... ha), so grab a cup of coffee or a beer!
Caffeinated Happiness

May 3 2018

007: Caffeinated Happiness

Today Jenn is gonna spread some Caffeinated Happiness! She runs across so many apps and solutions in her business and periodically pulls together a few to share.
Kickass WP Plugins

Apr 19 2018

005: Kickass WP Plugins

WordPress plugins are a great way to add functionality to your website. In this episode, Jenn talks about her favorite plugins and why she loves them.
Pros & Cons Of Website Platforms

Apr 5 2018

003: Pros & Cons of Website Platforms

Choosing a platform for your website can be a tough choice but it doesn't have to be. Jenn and Barb discuss the pros and cons of different website platforms.

Mar 28 2018

002: A Guide to Hosting for the Non-Techy Entrepreneur

Starting a business is exciting! But, when it comes to your business website, things can get confusing. If you glaze over when people start mentioning things like domains, hosting and email clients… you’re not alone. Jenn and Barb discuss what hosting is and why you need it.